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Hungry Sandwiches'

Food Ordering and Pick up App

Hungry Sandwiches’ is a Sandwich shop which serves multiple types of sandwiches and sides. It is based on Urban-Suburban based store. Hungry Sandwiches' target audience is majorly individuals with less time for cooking. Their secondary target market is people who like to try different flavors and are interested in quality over quantity.

Project duration:

December 2021 to March 2022

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The Problem:

Busy restaurant have lack of time management to prepare food for customers. Customers have to wait long time for getting their food. Customer were frustrating as they have to wait in long line.

The Goal:

To Create an app that allows users to see how much is the wait time and user can pick up their food without waiting in line.

My Role

UX designer designing an app for Hungry Sandwiches from Fast order to Fast pick up.


Conducting interviews, paper and digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, accounting for accessibility, and iterating on designs.

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Understanding the user

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User research: Summary

To get a better understanding of the consumers I'm creating for and their requirements, I conducted interviews and built empathy maps. Working adults who don't have time to wait in line were identified as a main user category through research.

The user group stated that they were having difficulty waiting in line, but they also mentioned that they were all dealing with additional concerns, such as how long it takes to place an order and so on. They also said that with their busy schedules, going to the restaurant and placing an order was difficult, and it was disrupting their timetable.

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User research: Pain Points


User feels lengthy and time consuming process for ordering their food.


User Flow

User flow of an application is very complicated and confusing.


Personalized Experience

Other food ordering application have lack of personalized experience.

Hungry Sandwiches: Projects

Persona: Laila Anderson

Laila is working mother of 2 children and do not have time to wait in long lines. She needs an option to get her food without waiting in line.

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User Journey Map

Mapping Laila’s user journey revealed how helpful it would be for
users to have access to a dedicated Hungry Sandwiches app.

Hungry Sandwiches: Welcome

Starting The Design

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Paper wireframes

Taking the time to sketch out iterations of each app screen on paper guaranteed that the parts that made it to the digital wireframes were well-suited to addressing customer pain points. To assist consumers save time on the home screen, I focused a quick, smooth ordering process and pick up.

Hungry Sandwiches: Case Studies

Digital wireframes

As the first design phase progressed, I made it a point to base screen designs on user feedback and discoveries.

Hungry Sandwiches: Case Studies

In addition to equipping the app to interact with assistive technologies, easy navigation was a crucial user need to meet in the designs.

Hungry Sandwiches: Case Studies

Usability study: Parameters

Study type:

Unmoderated usability study


Hamilton, ON Canada


8 participants


7-10 minutes

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Usability study: Findings

I carried out two rounds of usability testing. The results of the initial study were used to steer the design process from wireframes to mockups. A high-fidelity prototype was employed in the second research to indicate which areas of the mockups needed to be improved.

Round 1


User wants to see Deals page more attractive.


User wants to save payment option


User wants to see how much is waiting time at front page.

Hungry Sandwiches: List

Round 2


They did not seem to see waiting time at front page properly. 


User find tracking their order page confusing.

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Based on the insights from the usability study, I made changes to improve the site’s Navigation. I changed Some text buttons to Icons, I changed “copy” and “print” with new icons.

Hungry Sandwiches: Services

Mockups: Original screen size

Hungry Sandwiches: Text
Hungry Sandwiches: Portfolio

High-Fidelity Prototype

The final high-fidelity prototype had smoother user flows for ordering sandwich and for faster pick up. This design also includes option for sandwiches and other deals for the week.

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High Fidelity Prototype

Screenshot (14).png
Hungry Sandwiches: Case Studies

Accessibility Considerations

Users with vision impairments were given access by adding alt text to photos for screen readers.

Used icons to help make
navigation easier.

Used voice command
For the search option for someone who is not able to type.

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Going Forward

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This app makes user feels like Hungry Sandwiches are considering user’s needs..

One quote from peer feedback:

“ This app is considering real life issues and solving it. This app will save a lot of time and energy of the users.

What I Learned:

During the development of the Hungry Sandwiches app, I discovered that the first concepts are merely the beginning of the process. Each iteration of the app's designs was informed by usability research and peer feedback.

Hungry Sandwiches: FAQ

Next Steps

Conduct another round of usability tests to confirm that the users' pain concerns have been appropriately handled.

More user research is needed to identify any new areas of need.

Identifying any

upgrade on design of any page.

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Let’s Connect!

Thank you for reviewing my work on the Hungry Sandwiches' App.

if you’d like to see more or would like to get in touch, my contact information is provided below:

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